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Call of Duty World at War - Zombies (ZDL Edition) v0.9
[Image: AoiUrw1.png]
[Image: 1DUkLQB.png]

Prepare for duty soldier...

This is the continuation of Intellect's Call of Duty World at War Zombies mod. Well, after been seemingly abandoned for a few years, we have continued the Call of Duty Zombies mod where Intellect has left off..

Latest Update Mar 30, 2021.

[Image: 9JlpsM9.png]

[Image: g0UDSeQ.png]

[Image: f4bS7Nx.png]

[Image: U0zyK9g.png]

Download and play for an amazing experience of zombie action horror. Leave feedback please! Good feedback = progress.


Intellect - World at War Zombies
JoeyTD / SGT.Shivers / Captain J / Mr Enchanter- Spriteworks
Hazebandicoot / Fabbysk / IMX / Abbvm - Textures
ZDL - Coop characters, Optimized Sprites

Intellect - World at War Zombies
Firefox - Ambience
Treyarch - Cinema sounds

Misc. Graphics:
Intellect - World at War Zombies
Shadow99280 / TankDempsey / Angel_Neko_X - Map Pack
Treyarch - Sprites and textures

Intellect - World at War Zombies
WhiteAce - Project Lead
Hexadoken / The Cubasy - Special Thanks
ZDL - Fixed Coop player spawn, Updated COOP implementation, Optimized and error fixing

[Image: BonaPqP.png] Coop Online
At the current moment the mod works correctly in Coop Online mode, its highly recommended to add 'ResurrectUpdate' to the mod order.

[Image: rWvy7gB.png] VR Edition
Stand by. For more information regarding other VR Editions please head over to the ZDL Projects Patreon page.

[Image: l9GNPvr.png] Work In Progress
Upgrading maps, if you encounter any bugs please reply here.


Call of Duty Zombies - CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES v0.9

If you like our work, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

[Image: PGhAEjU.png]

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