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Greetings ColdHex and hope you are good.

Kind words indeed, I appreciate it, hope you are enjoying Brutal Hexen and having some brutal fun.

Sent you over a DM regarding the MegaWAD.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
first love to say thank you for this mod its incredible!!! IM hope to get some help  i added the dragonclaw blaster from your brutal heretic mod to brutal hexen (I LUV IT) for the fighter and have working just fine with it selectable and dropped by monsters altfire not useable until level up but i cannot figure out how to have it also be able to use the quick punch/kick and to toss Flechette for the fighter and the other two classes that's way over my head and its driving me crazy. ii know code needs to be added on the DECORATE.DragonClaw like a said its to hard for me lol well i sorry to bother everybody but if i did not ask i would have never known 
i take no credit on any of the moding in  the decorates what so ever i just added a weapon from brutal heretic for personnel uses just luv to mod
Greetings Primaris and hope you are good.

Sent you over a DM, still working on the major update for Brutal Hexen so keep an eye out, much appreciated.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
I would love to try this, and brutal heretic but the website you're using to host the files is utter trash. 40 minutes to download 150mb file for brutal heretic unless I pay? Then 2.5 hour cooldown... come on..

Not willing to do that every time you release an update and I'm certainly not paying.

I'd probably have contributed via your patreon after trying the products but it seems I'll not get the opportunity. A shame.
i was wondering what the brutal hexen tactical skill is uesd for what will it upgrade??
Hello and hope everyone is good.

Regarding the download, it shouldn't take that time and I don't know where you are in this world. I also have downloaded multiple files and I don't see any cooldown that should only occur if you spam the link, did you repeatedly refresh the page? Also it's a cloud service with unlimited storage amount for signing up, yes you get unlimited download speed but you also get unlimited cloud space, you don't pay to download the mod, hope this helps.

Regarding the Tactical Skill line, this increases damage on items ie flechette and increases critical hit chance%

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM

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