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Thanks for the reply.

I understand, you wrote that you had trouble with other mods loading so that's why I recommended ZDL.

Indeed a mod launcher wont effect an ammo count.

Thanks again.

The environments and enemies have the neural upscale and look smooth, but my weapons remain pixellated.
How do I fix this?
Hello and thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure as it should render all sprites with the AI Neural Upscale.

Never heard of this issue before so please DM me a screenshot.

Thanks again.
I solved the problem; it seems the mod load order is important, I didn't know that.

However, the UI is still pixellated.

I tried fiddling around in the ingame settings, no luck.
Also, my Elven Wand is really wide, what's up with that?

Couldn't send a PM with the screenshot as I couldn't wrap my head around how to attach something from my computer, and not from the Web, sorry Tongue
Hello and thanks for the reply.

Indeed the order is important that's why the mods are packaged in numerical order.

For the HUD, try settings ScaleNx x2

Smooth Mouse = On

Randomize Pitches = On

Sector Light Mode = Dark

Multisample = Off

Bloom Effect = On

Lens Distortion Effect = On

Ambient Occlusion = High

FXAA = Extreme

Texture Filter Mode = Trilinear

Anisotropic Filter = 8x

Resize Mode = ScaleNx

Resize Multiplier = 2x

Resize Textures = On

Resize Sprites = On

Resize Fonts = On

GL Textures = No

Drawlists = No

Menu Clean Scaling = Off

Dynamic Lights (Software) = On

Dynamic Lights (Hardware) = On

Lights Affect Sprites = On

Lights Affect Particles = On

Hope this helps.
The Nx part did the most visible difference for the HUD. Thanks a lot! Smile

However, my Elven Wand seems very stretched, even though I have my native aspect ratio (16:9)
Hello and thanks for the reply.

Indeed an Ai re-upscale in the correct ratio would fix that. Allow me to look into this.

Thanks again.
Thanks for making this mod. It looks amazing.
Greetings StardragonEX.

Hope you enjoy Brutal Heretic, let me know if you have any questions I'll help as much as possible.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
May I get MegaWAD?


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