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I don't have a MegaWAD for Heretic but I have a custom Episode1 replacement.

Thanks again.
thank you so much i have been having a blast playing this!!. i was wondering is there a way to scale down the Hud a little bit?
I'm hope to se the DsparilStaff as a BFG type weapon also frost type wand and sword maybe the one from bitter heretic mod lol 
sorry I'm not trying to demand stuff it just wishful thinking i think it would be some cool
anyway thank you for posting this mod and to you and everyone who worked on it!!!
Greetings Primaris and hope you are good.

Great to hear that you are enjoying Brutal Heretic, very much appreciated. So regarding the HUD, you can use '-' and '+' to resize GUI, hopefully that will help. New weapons involve a huge amount of work especially with the Ai upscale, XP and Tome of Power upgrades. Hopefully in a future update I can draw some new spriteworks.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.

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