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I don't have a MegaWAD for Heretic but I have a custom Episode1 replacement.

Thanks again.
thank you so much i have been having a blast playing this!!. i was wondering is there a way to scale down the Hud a little bit?
I'm hope to se the DsparilStaff as a BFG type weapon also frost type wand and sword maybe the one from bitter heretic mod lol 
sorry I'm not trying to demand stuff it just wishful thinking i think it would be some cool
anyway thank you for posting this mod and to you and everyone who worked on it!!!
Greetings Primaris and hope you are good.

Great to hear that you are enjoying Brutal Heretic, very much appreciated. So regarding the HUD, you can use '-' and '+' to resize GUI, hopefully that will help. New weapons involve a huge amount of work especially with the Ai upscale, XP and Tome of Power upgrades. Hopefully in a future update I can draw some new spriteworks.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
Hi guys,

awesome mod, especially the possibility to play this in VR - Thank you for this!

I have a question, unfortunately the Heretic 3d weapon models pk3 does not run with the brutal version. Is there a way to make this work, or maybe there is something in the Patreon section? If so I would be happy to participate to make this work.

Many greetings and keep up the good work!
Greetings TomTaylor and hope you are good.

Indeed you would be better with the Brutal Heretic VR Edition over at the ZDL Projects page, fully tested and developed on VR, hold a firetorch in realtime as you walk the crypts, not for the faint hearted, Brutal Heretic VR is well scary.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
Thank you, I am having a blast revisiting my childhood playing heretic. This mod lets me play heretic "the way I remember it" -> simply AMAZING !! Big Grin
(02-15-2022, 09:20 PM)ZDL_800 Wrote: Indeed you would be better with the Brutal Heretic VR Edition over at the ZDL Projects page, fully tested and developed on VR, hold a firetorch in realtime as you walk the crypts, not for the faint hearted, Brutal Heretic VR is well scary.

are there 3d weapons included with Brutal Heretic VR Edition? i downloaded the "Brutal Heretic VR - Shadow Collection.rar" from your patreon and launched it as "gzdoomvr.exe -file BrutalHereticRPVR_V5.0.pk3 heretic_gz.pk3 H20MUS.wad" with the most current gzdoomvr and there are no 3d weapons.
another questinon from a patreon supporter here:
i'm using your (VR) mod with the excellent Heretic HD PBR mod ( and relighting seems a bit off then. certain areas look darker than they should. i'm assuming that's because Brutal Heretic also does some relighting? is it possible to turn off or remove relighting from Brutal Heretic somehow? or would it be possible for you to create a Brutal Heretic without relighting?
Greetings Gameflorist and hope you are good.

First I'd like to say a massive thankyou for the support for NZDOOM, bless your kindness epic one!

I took a visit to the mod in question and without testing this I'm not sure what the issue could be? Did you use the Brutal Heretic .ini for the VR Edition? Did you edit the 'Sector Light' in the options?

Allow me to look into this, while I test the mod, could you try and edit the sector light options to either vanilla' or bright' modes. Hope this helps.

Regarding 3D weapons in Brutal Heretic VR, the weapon pickups are voxel based so I will try and attempt to convert the sprite placements to voxel, hopefully everything should go to plan.

Thanks again for the support and for visiting NZDOOM, hope to speak soon.
hey zdl! thanks for your answer!

regarding the VR weapons: there are already playable and very good voxel-weapons for VR available here. to make them work with brutal heretic, i've already made some adaptions. i've uploaded the modified pack here. there remain only the following problems, i wasn't able to solve: the staff and the enhanced crossbow are not using the voxel weapons, but the sprites. it would be greatly appreciated, if you could fix these (and include them in your VR package).

regarding the lighting, here are my findings:
  • when loading Brutal Heretic AFTER  the HD PBR mod-files, everything is way too dark.
  • when loading Brutal Heretic BEFORE the HD PBR mod-files, it is much better, but even then some areas are darker than they should. one example is the corridor behind the locked door left from the starting position in E1M1:
    here is a screenshot without Brutal Heretic
    and here is one with Brutal Heretic.
    NOTE: when loading Brutal Heretic before the HD PBR mod, there is an issue with the yellow starting-staff-ammo emeralds being detached from their lighting, so the best load-order is a mixed one:
    - HERETIC_Relight_Maps.WAD
    - BrutalHereticRPVR_V5.0.pk3
    - heretic_hd_pbr_hq.pk3
  • changing sector light-options did not solve the problem unfortunately

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