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(03-28-2024, 01:15 PM)ZDL_800 Wrote: Greetings Mr.SeriousCat, great to hear from you, yes long time no speak, hope you are well.
You are correct, it combines all 5 episodes into a single campaign, XP, weapons, items etc are carried over. It's highly recommended if you plan on going through all episodes as a recent review of Brutal Heretic on Youtube, the reviewer had difficulty on the expansion episodes (E4/E5) without the mod. One more to note is that without allocating this you wont reach a high enough level to unlock all weapons.
Also all the bugs you mentioned on earlier posts are fixed so many thanks for the feedback. Regarding the buttons on the forum, I cant see the screenshot you posted, did you attach the screenshot on the reply?
Hope this helps and enjoy some Brutal Heretic.

Thank you, doing well Big Grin, and yeah I did attach the ss on the reply and I can see the ss loading on my end but just in case I leave here the link

And about the mod, Im starting again the campaign, last time I only did the first episode so I hope this time I can finish it... I dont know if I will have the same will to do it with Hexen since original one as a kid was a really big maze and confusing haha. But if I try I'll do it with your mod. Atm yours is the only interesting mod I found for heretic and hexen. Seems Doom is a lot more interesting for modders haha.
Btw is there any way to re-scale the Hud, this is how I look the interface rn, (Again, leaving the link just in case), I tried all hud options but, none of them worked or Im not using the options right. If I modify the crossair I can see it in the back how it changes but the rest of the interface options dont change at all. Im playing at 1080p res gzdoom (gzdoom-4-11-3.a.-Windows-64bit) I would like to rescale a bit down the interface to be honest

Thank you again Smile
Thanks for the reply.

I'll look into the forum colors, must have been when I updated, thanks for this as I use forced dark mode on the browser and I don't see it like this.

Yes indeed I would start Brutal Heretic with all the mods allocated, the mod order are in numerical folders, you will have a much more enjoyable experience. I'm working on the next main update for Brutal Hexen so I recommend trying the next version.

Regarding the HUD scaling, yes I am working on this for the next main update, at the moment it does not have scaling allocated.

Hope this helps.
Just an update here.

Fixed the forum colors so just clear web page cache on the browser and the new theme will be allocated.

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