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Rules for the NZDoom forum
The Good.

Here at NZDoom everybody is welcome and we are eternally grateful to have you over at the forum.
  • You can create threads to introduce yourself.
  • Learn the basics of ID1 Tech Engine.
  • How to install mods and TC games.
  • How to use ZDL to organize mods and setup profiles with SinglePlayer, DeathMatch and COOP Online.
  • VR tutorials and development.
  • Upload your creativity and share with the world community.
  • Share great knowledge regarding scripting, design, builds and everything ID1 Tech Engine related.
  • You can use Paypal or Patreon to present a platform for supporting the works in this current world situation.  
  • Anything you require assistance with please just ask and we will help as much as possible.

The Ugly.

We need to keep the forums friendly, so, occasionally, topic content will be moderated. In severe cases, we may need a word with you. We do not unjustifiably ban accounts. It should really go without saying, but the following are likely candidates for moderation or intervention
  • Do not post email addresses, ask others to post their email or solicit contacting people off of the forums.
  • Do not post or ask for login information, even test IDs and test passwords.
  • Do not post simply to request feedback on your site.
  • Do not post another person’s private information (job, gender, living situation, location, etc).
  • Do not harass or abuse people. Do not go to their websites, do not pick out their home addresses, phone numbers, Twitter ID, Skype ID, Facebook, any social media accounts or ways to contact them and use it to ask for support. Only use contact methods explicitly given.
  • Do not abuse the ‘Report this topic’ system.
  • Do not post spam and affiliate links, offensive posts, posts without content, or flames.
  • Do not post an entire thread in all caps.
  • Do not ask for help regarding pirated software, please always support the developers.
  • Avoid asking questions that are more about opinion, or other “discussion topics”, that may lead to pointless wars and/or attract spam replies.
  • Do not abuse the @<name>
  • Do not seek legal advice on the forums: We are not lawyers, and if we were we would then open our selves to liabilities.
  • Do not threaten lawsuits or any other legal action on the forums.
Thankyou for reading and hope to see you soon!

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