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How to configure ID1 Tech Engine applications
Here is the tutorial guide to configure ID Tech applications with ZDL.

ZDL is a user friendly multi platform front-end framework to enhance gameplay features for ID1 Tech applications (Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen etc) Easily setup Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Coop and VR profiles for quick access. From maps to mods to total conversions all can be added to ZDL.

The main elements to ZDL
  • Engines
    Supports multiple source ports, from vanilla to modern retro
  • Mods
    Can Import multiple mods and rearrange the load order
  • WADS
    Game data files from DOOM DOOM II etc

Now to ZDL, easily allocate engines, organize your content order and save .zdl profiles.

[Image: B9605E512F629911DF4B84ADF3C18CE2A09A1408]

Let's begin, now when you launch ZDL, you will be presented with this panel.

( Don't worry we are going to add the entries in the menu )

[Image: 8C712C839E23DDC1D93F3D20752EF9FDF67BE937]

Now select the ''Settings'' tab in the top left side of the window.

[Image: 1A2B5E92E7C5BEA8E8F2BE7B81D42C4BC014C035]

First lets add the Source Port to ZDL, select the ''Add'' panel in the lower left side of the window. You can name the entry what ever you wish but you need to browse and locate the Source Port engine directory "ZDL\engine\edition" and add gzdoom.exe.

Now ZDL supports multiple engines and its best to keep all other source ports you may want to allocate into the 'ZDL\engine' directory to keep the data organized.

[Image: 69C0EBC4AFC648DD596C615D71C1DCB835EFA088]

Next you need to add the .WAD files to ZDL, select the ''Add'' panel in the lower right side of the window. You can name the entry what ever you wish but you need to browse and locate the directory for the .WAD file.

  • DOOM
    "Ultimate Doom\base\DOOM.WAD"

    "Doom 2\base\DOOM2.WAD"

    "Heretic Shadow of the Serpent Riders\base\HERETIC.WAD


[Image: ED9DD115D5B7F4EA56A89FF8114A158C4AC67849]

Now once you have added the Source Port and .WAD files go ahead and select the ''Main'' panel in the top left side of the window.

[Image: 04337D85B8DD85750920DE26822363C747E8FF4E]

The last stage is to import any mods ie .pk3 files to the mod order, select the ''Add'' panel in the lower left side of the window. Please make sure to organize the mods in the correct order as most mods have a specific load type. You can move an individual mod up/down the list using the arrow tabs.

[Image: 58A9F4E3F4B11FE41A41C387091B273104AF8B1D]

Now once you have the mod order in place, make sure to check for any custom config/ini and paste into the source port directory, Extra Command Line Arguments use the allocated name or use this example.

-config "./NAMEOFMOD_NZ_OPTIONS.ini"

Edit NAMEOFMOD to the title of choice, always keep the config files in the source port directory. Remember, every ID1 application should have its own .ini

[Image: F0CE2D7D0508910956BE0E9E8C01707595EB082E]

If there is no custom config/ini with the application, then proceed with the step, the command line will request the source port to check for the custom .ini, if not found then the source port will create a new .ini under its directory.

Now select the WAD file associated with the chosen mods, ie if you added DOOM II mods, then select the named entry pointing to DOOM II.WAD

[Image: 83B0CFC6FF81A3177969E1321CFB11CDBFCD197D]

Select the ZDL panel from the lower side of the window and ''Save .zdl'' to the selected directory, recommended to save in the 'ZDL\zdl profiles' folder to keep the files organized. This will save the entire profile.

The path to the directory
"ZDL\zdl profiles"

[Image: A44C5F836D97917E573AA8F31E7A64216F943C18]

To load up a custom ID Tech application profile, select the ZDL panel and ''Load .zdl'' and find the saved profile created.

When you are ready, select Launch from the lower right side of the window to start.

[Image: B439E88926CBD1268AA7DA99576E761E422F045D]

Hope this helps and any questions you may have please post a comment.


ZDL - ZDL v5.4

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