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Call of Duty World at War - Zombies (ZDL Edition) v0.9
[Image: AoiUrw1.png]
[Image: 1DUkLQB.png]

Prepare for duty soldier...

This is the continuation of Intellect's Call of Duty World at War Zombies mod. Well, after been seemingly abandoned for a few years, we have continued the Call of Duty Zombies mod where Intellect has left off..

Latest Update July 16, 2024.

[Image: 9JlpsM9.png]

[Image: g0UDSeQ.png]

[Image: f4bS7Nx.png]

[Image: U0zyK9g.png]

Download and play for an amazing experience of zombie action horror. Leave feedback please! Good feedback = progress.


Intellect - World at War Zombies
JoeyTD / SGT.Shivers / Captain J / Mr Enchanter- Spriteworks
Hazebandicoot / Fabbysk / IMX / Abbvm - Textures
ZDL - Coop characters, Optimized Sprites

Intellect - World at War Zombies
Firefox - Ambience
Treyarch - Cinema sounds

Misc. Graphics:
Intellect - World at War Zombies
Shadow99280 / TankDempsey / Angel_Neko_X - Map Pack
Treyarch - Sprites and textures

Intellect - World at War Zombies
WhiteAce - Project Lead
Hexadoken / The Cubasy - Special Thanks
ZDL - Fixed Coop player spawn, Updated COOP implementation, Optimized and error fixing

[Image: BonaPqP.png] Coop Online
At the current moment the mod works correctly in Coop Online mode, its highly recommended to add 'ResurrectUpdate' to the mod order.

[Image: rWvy7gB.png] VR Edition
Stand by. For more information regarding other VR Editions please head over to the ZDL Projects Patreon page.

[Image: l9GNPvr.png] Work In Progress
Upgrading maps, if you encounter any bugs please reply here.


ZDL - ZDL v5.4

Call of Duty Zombies - CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES v0.9.2

If you like our work, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

[Image: PGhAEjU.png]
Nice to se someone who continue this good mod.
Hello Darkmaster and hope you are good.

New update in the works, should be ready to upload ASAP.

Thanks for the comment and visiting NZDOOM.
New update out now.

Some slight issue with map3 with the generator door, if anyone could help us that would be brilliant.

Hello, I have recently started a Cod Zombies Doom Mod myself and was pleasantly surprised to see such a quality mod already out there. I was hoping to use some frameworks and designs for the mod I am working on, I of course will gladly share any assets you would like with you from my mod and credit you and the others who have worked on this mod in the past. Here’s a screenshot from my mod based in the GZDoom engine, it is still very much a work in progress. I’m new to forums but I also have a discord if you would like to talk about this at all. Sleg Infantryman#2669 Thank you for taking the time to read this long message :}

[Image: Screenshot_Doom_20230421_213627.png][Image: Screenshot_Doom_20230422_022935.png]
Hello SlegInfantryman and hope you are good.

Seeing as you taking an interest in COD Zombies, would you like to help us out in fixing map3 for the community?

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
I'm going to bench my 115 Zombies mod until I can get a bigger and better weapon selection so here is a reaaly early work in progress version with a ton of bugs but all the assets/coding/and textures are free use if anyone wants to do anything with them or expand on the mod. Some smoke/fire/blood effects are borowed from Brutal doom. I have a basic version of juggernog, speed cola, double tap, Pack a Punch, and the Mystery box included as well as the basic zombie and nova crawler. Here’s also a video of the file here to give you a small idea. The M1 Garand was the only weapon I finished the Pack a Punched version of yet.[Image: showoff.png]
Hello SlegInfantryman and hope you are good.

I'm interested in checking the mod out with the new features, I guess you are going to render the 3dmodels as sprites for the mod.

Need to sort out a few updates on other projects and I will get back to implementing some new features here.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.

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