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ALIENS ACM 2121 (ZDL Edition) v2.0
[Image: AoiUrw1.png]
[Image: YjoEVwQ.png]

Listen Up Marine...

We have an update on Aliens ACM, after permission was granted from the Badass Deimos Anomaly, we started work on the coop optimizations and weather systems fix. This is the ZDL Edition of LV-426 colony map and chapter.

Latest Update Mar 21, 2021.

[Image: 64ZjBhh.png]

[Image: 1rFT5K2.png]

Download and play for an amazing experience of sci-fi horror. Leave feedback please! Good feedback = progress.


Deimos Anomaly - Aliens ACM
Symc - Display screens, Main Airduct
Jdredalert - Pulse Rifle
ZDL - Pulse Rifle Muzzle-Flash, Weather System, Xeno gore, Optimized Sprites

Deimos Anomaly - Aliens ACM
21st Century Fox - Cinema sounds

Misc. Graphics:
Deimos Anomaly - Aliens ACM
Pepedrago - Pulse Rifle Framework
21st Century Fox - Sprites and textures

Deimos Anomaly - Aliens ACM
Symc - Coop weather system, updated visual display screens, CTD fixes
ZDL - Motion Tracker, Updated COOP implementation, Optimized and error fixing

[Image: BonaPqP.png] Coop Online
At the current moment the mod works correctly in Coop Online mode, its highly recommended to add 'ResurrectUpdate' to the mod order.

[Image: rWvy7gB.png] VR Edition
Stand by. For more information regarding other VR Editions please head over to the ZDL Projects Patreon page.

[Image: l9GNPvr.png] Work In Progress
Should be ready to go, if you encounter any bugs please reply here.


ZDL - ZDL v5.4

ALIENS ACM 2121 - ACM 2121 v2.0

If you like our work, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

[Image: PGhAEjU.png]
Looking forward to this! Are you planning to release it soon?
Hello Colerx and hope you are good, great to see you here.

Were compiling our own source port as the recent version of gzdoom is a complete mess of bugs.

Also the newer versions break the security cameras so I might include the version before all the issues occurred.

Thanks again for your time and hope to speak soon.
Thanks to you for your efforts!
ALIENS ACM 2121 Out Now...
Hey great thank you a bunch!! gonna try it!!
This is awesome brother
Hello and thanks for the reply.

Hope you enjoyed the game.

Thanks again.

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