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BRUTAL HEXEN RPG - Starter Guide
[Image: AoiUrw1.png]
[Image: jyfT8U4.png]

Brutal Hexen Starter Guide...

Greetings...This is the Brutal Hexen Starter Guide. First Time players are highly recommended to start with the Mature difficulty setting.

Character Select Screen

Choose between three of the characters, Baratus the Fighter, Parias the Cleric and Daedolon the Mage, all have specific attributes and abilities which can be upgraded, to begin compare the stats table.

SPEED = Value range of overall movement speed.
ARMOR = Starting range of armor protection allocated.
MAGIC = Level 1 specialized arcane type damage values.
STRENGTH = Level 1 close range melee attack damage values. 

Weapon Select Screen

Each of the three characters have their own exclusive set of weapons with unique abilities, choose a weapon of choice to begin, use the cursor to select the weapon. The weapon descriptions will describe the attributes and abilities to begin the journey. You may discover more powerful weapons as you traverse through the world of Hexen.

Movement/Action System

W,A,S,D = Standard Forward, Back, Strafe Left/Right movement, each character has a specific speed range value which you can compare on the main character select screen.

SHIFT = Standard Sprint, ties with the range speed of the character. To preform press W+SHIFT to sprint forward.

SPACE = Standard Use function, to open doors or activate switches or puzzle items in the world.

X = Standard Jump, use to jump vertically, can be used as a sprint jump with W+SHIFT, then X to leap forward.

LMB = Standard Attack, engage the equipped weapon attack method. This will have a wide range of attributes and abilities depending on the selected weapon. Also used to activate XP allocated attacks.

RMB = Standard Block, directional blocking applies to the area of the shield. Head is exposed while blocking so aim the shield up to prevent injury. Throughout the journey you may discover more weapons and on those, RMB might be used as a unique attack.

Q = Standard Close Range Melee, directional attack to knock off balance, you can press the key at any time to preform the action. Each character has their own fighting stance.

E = Standard Throw Flechette, each character uses the flechette with custom traits and unique specialized damage types, Fighter specializes in explosive and implements a hold 'E' ability for increased throw range. Cleric specializes in poison and implements lasting area of effect damage. Mage specializes in arcane and implements no self damage and causes a 360 degree knockback.

F = Standard Firetorch, illuminates the surrounding area and also has a flame attack feature, to attack with the firetorch press LMB. Equipping and attacking with the firetorch will drain the oil which you will need to replenish.

XP System

The XP system is the new method of acquiring XP Stats compared to the non XP System that the original Hexen has been using since it’s release. This changes the core fundamentals on how a player progresses through the world of Hexen.

The more you traverse through the world the more elite the monsters you will encounter. Also ties to difficulty modes.

New XP allocated attacks work with Primary/LMB and Alternate/RMB keys. You can for example weapon slot 1 either press both simultaneously or charge shield (Hold Alternate/RMB) and tap the Primary/LMB key.

RPG Stat Menu

M = Stat Menu, use this panel to allocate your available XP stats. Each character has their own range of specific XP stats which is gained upon reaching the next level value, every character will have a set amount for manual allocation. Check back on your stat menu when you level up.

Maximum Health = Increases players total health stat.
Physical Strength = Increases players melee weapon damage stat.
Arcane Mastery = Increases players arcane damage ie element projectiles / Charges
Tactical Skill = Increases players item damage ie flechette and Critical Hit damage %
Ranged Accuracy = Increases players accuracy on all projectile weapon types.
Mana Capacity = Increases players total mana stat.
Stat Upgrade Points = Use the stat points to increase a skill of your choice, use the cursor and LMB over the skill to allocate the upgrade to the stat.

Tome/Crafting Book

ENTER = Uses the inventory item, to select an item use [ or ]

You start with two books in your inventory.

Tome of Mana = Book to implement various mana based abilities, use the cursor and LMB to select the entry. Convert Mana Formula, Implements an Input/Output ratio method to convert types of mana at a specified cost/amount. Self Heal, uses Red Mana to gain health with a Mana/Health ratio.

Book of Crafting = Recipe book for crafting many items and also find new recipes ingame will be added to the Book of Crafting. Use the cursor and LMB over the ingredient, adding to the chart to craft, you can check the various recipes for the table of contents.

Use [ or ] to select and ENTER to use the selected book.

Golem companion

You can summon a Golem companion which you can heal with mana.
R = Summon Golem, uses 100 Red Mana, the Golem will also upgrade as you gain more XP.
SPACE = Heal Golem, uses Red Mana to replenish health to the Golem, only active in close proximity.
R = Warp Golem, Once you summon the Golem, this will teleport it to your location.


Working combos for the Fighter on command inputs.
Fire + Fire + Punch + Block goes straight to double shield bash.
Make sure to time it correctly, patience is a virtue, you may discover more than meets the eye.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.

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