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Full Version: BRUTAL HEXEN RPG (ZDL Edition) v7.5
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[Image: AoiUrw1.png]
[Image: jyfT8U4.png]

Greetings Brutalists...

This is the continuation of Sergeant Mark IV's Brutal Hexen mod. Well, after been seemingly abandoned for a few years, we have continued Brutal HeXen where Sarge and Seidolon has left off.

Latest Update June 22, 2022

[Image: kGh2eGm.png]

[Image: gFNEtO9.png]

[Image: cedIaPf.png]

[Image: lTM8SWm.png]

[Image: GYOFB1L.png]

[Image: DaBYEzd.png]

[Image: 2w2S2kP.png]

[Image: vLW4k3y.png]

[Image: Vq1cMv5.png]

[Image: K1yrmfZ.png]

Download and play for an amazing experience of brutality. Leave feedback please! Good feedback = progress.


Seidolon - Sabreclaw gibs, Purple flares, some spark recolors, Crossbow powered sprites, some tracer recolors, Cleric and Corvus kick, Mage red lightning hand, combined Cleric Mace and Shield, captured Elf (unused)
Neoworm - Heretic Staff swing, Cleric and Fighter shields
Unknown Creator - Blue Fighter sword
ZDL - New Weapons, Altfires on all Weapons , New Classes, Optimized Sprites

Raven software - Hexen, and Hexen 2
Id software - Doom, and Doom 2
Seidolon - Edits from the Free Sound Library

Misc. Graphics:
Seidolon - Title graphics, minor edits of blue shadow's stuff, black box in main menu
Blue Shadow - HUD bar graphics

Sergeant Mark IV - Brutal Hexen stuff (will specify eventually)
Seidolon - New stuff (will specify eventually)
Randy Heit - Decorate bases on ZDoom Wiki
ZDL - Allocated new classes, Applied new Altfires, COOP implementation, Optimized and error fixing

[Image: BonaPqP.png] Coop Online
At the current moment the mod works correctly in Coop Online mode, its highly recommended to add 'ResurrectUpdate' and 'GatherYourParty' to the mod order.

[Image: rWvy7gB.png] VR Edition
Will be summoned soon. For more information regarding other VR Editions please head over to the ZDL Projects Patreon page.

[Image: l9GNPvr.png] Work In Progress
In the process of Ai Neural Network Upscaling sprites and optimizing the lighting system for newer versions of GZDoom.

[Image: VfsLfQ4.png] Hexen+DLC
Brutal Hexen is designed to be experienced with the Hexen+DLC MegaWAD which combines both Hexen and DLC into one brutal campaign.

Unfortunately I cannot provide this on a public forum, you will need to private message me or post a comment. For more information on the MegaWAD please head over to the ZDL Projects Patreon page, or you can use console commands to stream to the DLC but please note, we have fixed the original Hexen.WAD issue where you would get stuck in the boss room and many other fixes, also modified the DLC for extra brutality.

MegaWAD update (March 2023)


ZDL - ZDL v5.4

BRUTAL HEXEN RPG - Brutal HeXen v7.5

If you like our work, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

[Image: PGhAEjU.png]
Work in Progress regarding the Ai Neural Network Upscale, which takes around 45mins to clean up after the upscale.

[Image: g1saXzM.png]
Should be able to get back to work on the Ai Neural very soon for the update.
Im sorry, Im new in all this... But how the heck do I play this? I have Hexen.wad .
Hello and thankyou for the replies.

Allow me to update the tutorial on how to configure ID1 Tech Engine applications, don't worry its really easy to setup and you can save the .zdl profile for easy loading.

Thanks for your time and hope to speak soon.
Allright. Please do, thank you.
Hello and thanks for the reply.

Here is the link to the tutorial guide, hope this helps.

How to configure ID1 Tech Engine applications (

Thanks again and hope to speak soon.
it looks spectacular  Cool 

bro, is there any other download link for the game?

is that not work for me :,(
Hello and hope you are good.

Just tested the download and it works fine, try again if you can.

Thanks again.
Hey. Is there any way for you to provide me with the MegaWAD that you have specified in the mod description?
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