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Full Version: BRUTAL HEXEN RPG (ZDL Edition) v7.5
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Hi ZDL, greetings from Brazil!

This is a very impressive work and achievement on a game almost 30 years old, you make it look super fresh now.
I am having a blast with the warrior, but paladin and mage I can't choose starting weapons, I have downloaded the newest release from this thread, are they not in this release yet?

Also would you kindly PM me the megawad?

Thanks a lot !
Was hoping to get my hands on the megawad too, thanks!

Sent everyone a DM hope you are all good.

Regarding the Cleric and Mage starting weapons, yes they are implemented for the next main update out very soon, just working on the spriteworks and combo fixes.

Thanks again.

Worked like a charm! Thank a lot!!
Thanks for the reply.

Good to know, just working on the new spriteworks for the new update.
megawad please
Also can you use Quietus as melee? Can you block with shield?
Hello Geroj and thanks for the reply hope you are good.

Sent you over a DM.

Thanks again.
Hello, could you please PM me the megawad link as well? Looking forward to playing your mods.
Registered to say how awesome this mod is! Big Grin

Finally got it working with ZDL using GZDoom as the source port.

I haven't played Hexen in years but my muscle memory seems to remember where all the switches are.

Is there away to use Baratus's fists again? It is nice to have the weapon select for him at the start, but the fists/gauntlets are kind of iconic. To be fair I have been playing Parias mostly so perhaps the gauntlets become available later?

Also, sometimes some enemies seem to default to the older models. So, you'll be fighting a load of ettins but one or two will be using the original graphics, they still will do the little execution pose though (it's been so long I can't remember if this was in the original game). It's not a big issue since the combat is so hectic and bloody it's not too noticeable. x)
Hello and hope you all good, sent over the DM.

Regarding the Baratus punch, yes its there in the game, you press Q

I guess you didn't go through the custom controls in the options?

Also if you go to page 1, first post I have uploaded an iced Ettin upscale, yes indeed what you are seeing is the chainmail Ettin which isn't upscaled on this version.

I have indeed upscaled the chainmail Ettin and others for the next update, its takes a huge amount of time to clean up each sprite, over an hour each one. There's over 100 sprites for the Ettin.

The update will be ready very soon, I also had to work on the 6 new weapons for the classes.

Thanks again and hope to speak soon.
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