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Full Version: BRUTAL HEXEN RPG (ZDL Edition) v7.5
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Thank you very much for a good mod. Hope you will complete mage and cleric gameplay.
Hexen with DLC in one WAD sounds awesome, can you send link?
Also, there is a bug in v4.7 that customised controls for mod's actions is not saving when you exit the game. It is a bit annoying to bind these actions every time when I start the game.
Hello HerrMetzger and hope you are good.

Sent you over a DM regarding the MegaWAD.

The controls not saving when you exit, I'll fix this for the next update as many users have requested this in the past.

Thanks for the feedback and for visiting NZDOOM.
I would like to get ahold of that megawad if its not too much trouble Smile
Greetings and hope you are good.

Sent you over the DM regarding the MegaWAD.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
Mod looks fun, but isn't there a gameplay manual or something to teach a new player the new mechanics?

I'll try my best to write the guide for the next main update, hopefully have this setup.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
Would I also be able to get that megawad from you, ZDL?
Hello and thanks for the reply.

Sent you over a DM regarding the MegaWAD, hope all is well.

Thanks again.
So I played through to the beginning of Hub 4 so far and I am only lv14. Idk if I'll be able to reach the level requirements to use the 4th weapon by the 5th hub. I can understand now why the Megawad is highly recommended.

For those who can't get the megawad at the moment, it there a way to tweak the xp formula to pay out more or does skill levels higher than average raise the bonuses? Is there mod specific console commands I can use to sorta carry over my level and items to the Deathkings WAD after defeating Korax?

To be honest, I would just wait for the next major update, should be released in a week or so, then start again with the correct mod order. Cheats ain't allowed and it will corrupt the game in many ways for prevention.

4.7 is more for testing, it works but has major bugs, more to submit feedback.

The update would be out now but I discovered issues with the combos so had to rewrite the weapon framework once again, but now more fluid then ever.

Keep an eye out for the update here on NZDOOM.

Thanks again.
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