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Full Version: BRUTAL HEXEN RPG (ZDL Edition) v7.5
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yo just asking can i have the link for the megawad. This mod is the best Big GrinDDD
Greetings Terar and hope you are good.

Great to hear that you are enjoying Brutal Hexen.

Sent you over a DM regarding the MegaWAD.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
Was playing Brutal Hexen with V4.2 and saw the update. Would I be able to grab the Megawad?
Greetings Wolfenchode and hope you are good.

V4.2 is a very old version of Brutal Hexen, hope you enjoy the update.

Sent you over a DM regarding the MegaWAD.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
(02-22-2021, 10:04 PM)ZDL_800 Wrote: [ -> ]Work in Progress regarding the Ai Neural Network Upscale, which takes around 45mins to clean up after the upscale.

[Image: g1saXzM.png]
Should be able to get back to work on the Ai Neural very soon for the update.
Wow, the upscaling really does wonders! Could I get a link to the Hexen+DLC megawad, please? Thank You!
Greetings LoydMongo and hope you are good.

Great to hear that you like the Ai Neural Upscale.

Sent you over a DM regarding the MegaWAD.

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.
Is there any documentation that explains the mechanics better? How does the levelling work? how does levelling affect you? How do the new attacks work? Are the enemies changed? I find that the mod changes a lot of things in the game, but i have very little clue how it works.
Hello Lysandus and thanks for the reply.

I agree, a guide needs to be written up, I've also seen some streams where players have some issues with the RPG system.

Indeed apart from M = Stat Menu, use this panel to allocate your available XP stats. Check back on your stat menu when you level up.

Maximum Health = Increases players total health stat.
Physical Strength = Increases players melee weapon damage stat.
Arcane Mastery = Increases players arcane damage ie element projectiles / Charges
Tactical Skill = Increases players item damage ie flechette and Critical Hit damage %
Ranged Accuracy = Increases players accuracy on all projectile weapon types.
Mana Capacity = Increases players total mana stat. 
Stat Upgrade Points = Use the stat points to increase a skill of your choice, use the cursor and left click the skill to allocate the upgrade to the stat.

You can also summon a Golem companion which you can heal with mana.
R = Summon Golem, uses 100 Red Mana, also the Golem upgrades as you gain more XP. Once you summon the Golem, R = Warp Golem, this will teleport it to your location.

ENTER uses the inventory item, to select an item use [ ]. You start with two books in your inventory.

Tome of Mana - Convert Mana formula and Self Heal
Book of Crafting - Recipe book for crafting many items and also find new recipes ingame will be added to the Book of Crafting.
Use [ or ] to select and ENTER to use the selected book.

Yes indeed the more you traverse through Hexen the more elite the monsters you will encounter. Also ties to difficulty modes.

New XP allocated attacks work with Primary and Alt keys. You can for example weapon slot 1 either press both simultaneously or charge shield (Hold Alt) and tap the primary key. 

Thanks for visiting NZDOOM.

PS Also have working combos for the Fighter on command inputs.
Fire + Fire + Punch + Block goes straight to double shield bash!
Make sure to time it correctly.
Thanks for the answer, ZDL. Yeah, that answers most of my questions. Can you please do an overview of what the different stats do as well? What do they affect exactly? I would imagine that Strength will increase your melee damage, and weapon accuracy is pretty self explanatory. What about the others?

Awesome mod, btw. I just finished the Seven Portals area, and i had a blast! I already played all the way through Heretic with your mod, and quite enjoyed it, but this one knocks it right out of the park. It's really the best version of Hexen out there. Hexen already had the the feeling of an RPG, and this mod feels like a natural addition to the game. Like if the developers had a bit more time to work on it and add some actual RPG elements to it. I even managed to get this working with the Hexen HD mod that updates the graphics by a huge amount, and i feel like i'm playing a complete remaster. Even more, a remaster done right!
Hello Lysandus and thanks for the reply.

Updated the post so now it includes the stats, also mentioned how to summon a Golem. Hope this helps.

Great to hear that you are enjoying Brutal Heretic and Brutal Hexen, yes indeed much work has gone into these mods, especially when Brutal Hexen could not get past map8, it would crash the game out, ZDL Edition fixed the crashes and now all works including the DLC, no crashes anymore! It also crashed in coop mode but now works. Still working on the next main update, the framework is now stable so should be better workflow overall.

Thanks again and hope you have some brutal fun.
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